Elephant Stops Play

Unfortunately, work on HTTN has ground to a halt: stress and irregular work patterns have made it impossible to keep inside the novel’s voice. This does happen from time to time anyway – which is why I always have a second project on the go somewhere – but it’s doubly frustrating this time since I certainly won’t have a finished first draft in time for AltFiction now.

So for the time being, it’s back to the Dance. And almost immediately I’ve got myself into trouble with a few dangling plot threads. With 20000 words left of my self-imposed floor limit for each volume, I’ve still got to tell the first half of Taylor’s arc and get the ball rolling on Ibsen’s side of the galaxy. The battle for Regina and the aftermath around Kantara have taken up a lot more room than I thought they would. I may be able to minimise Ibsen’s involvement in this volume, but that’s going to cause a different imbalance in Vol.4 – who would have to make way?

Anyhow, at least this is easier to write for now, and yes, Volume 3 should be out before Christmas. That reminds me; there’s a cover to design as well…..


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