Construction work continues

At the moment it feels like I’m digging the Channel Tunnel all over again. Three years ago I wrote the final chapter of HTTN. It was the first chapter I’d written. Big mistake, you might think, with the benefit of hindsight: now I’m attacking from the other direction, joining up the dots from the Prologue to chapter 21 (though conveniently missing out chapter 10. Why? Simple – there is no chapter 10) and hoping desperately to meet that fabled Last Chapter head on.

Will we meet on the same plane? Will we be using the same gauge? Will one side even understand the other? Does my Last Chapter smoke Gauloises?

One thing I do know is that it’ll need a makeover. I read the Last Chapter to the Groop a few months ago, and the unanimous reaction was that it didn’t seem to fit the rest of what I had written, stylistically at least.

Another couple of thousand words, and that’ll be the next job.

147500 and rising….


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