Crossing the line

Good goddamn! It’s done! The first draft MSS of HTTN (MC1) is finally complete, clocking in just shy of 151000 words. That’s a heck of a lot of words – more than I’d thought. The last chapter got trimmed and revised slightly before it was welded together with the first part of Baum’s epic confrontation with the titular warlock, and I was able to tease out a few more implications for Cassia to realise further on down the line.

So this holiday has been a good one so far – I didn’t expect to get this far in a week. The next step, of course, is editing. And that will be a bitch. Hopefully I’ll be able to trim a little more fat from this brick during the process and make it a little more palatable for submissions.

And, if this writing streak stays good, I might have some news on the Empire Dance before Halloween. (Well, I can hope…)

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