A Monthly Update (Of Months)

Is it really a month since I last posted here? Crumbs – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. While we’re on the subject of anniversaries (or monthiversaries in this instance – is there a real word for this?) it’s now two months since I began work on MC2 and the word count is up to 36000 words. That’s 18k per month. Not quite the 1000/day that most writers seem to agree is the decent professional minimum, but damned good nonetheless, especially when you consider that it took me 40 months in total to hit 150k with MC1 (3750 words per month average). Of course, those 40 months did include two completed instalments of the Empire Dance as well as several short stories – so, adding in another 120k to the figures, and leaving out the third, uncompleted ED volume just to make life simpler, that’s…. erm, 6750 words per month over three and a half years.

Sample page from the next Magnum Opus....

Hmm. Put like that, it doesn’t really seem so much. And it helps give me a better idea about how focused a writer needs to be just to get that first draft down on paper/zipdrive/whatever. Which, in turn, is probably why I’m not posting much here. (At least Twitter only needs pithy witticisms of 140 characters or less; no wonder writers like it!)

Right, then. Time to put the geek calculator away and get back to the coalface. These epic fantasies don’t write themselves, you know.


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