The Write Agenda in retreat?

Obviously there’s been a lot of attention directed at the bookburning freaks currently trading as The Write Agenda. And rightly so – flat-earthers like them should have died out with the dinosaurs. Short of flailing wildly and ranting unintelligibly at the various blog postings however, there’s not an awful lot The Wrong Agenda can do about it.

Now they’ve had to start retreating – their Twitter account, @thewriteagenda1, has been pulled in behind a privacy wall. Not a very effective manner of communicating to the masses, I have to say, but then Fletcher Nunn and Bauer were always about preaching to the converted. I’d like to claim some partial credit in this – I’ve been asking them every day why they advocate book burnings, and as yet I still have not received any kind of reply (let alone a satisfactory one). There’s probably more chance of AP Leam FC getting into Europe than there is of The Write Agenda coming out with something meaningful. The chumps are clearly getting tired of having to put up with my questions, and obviously don’t want anybody else to see them on their twitter feed.

But that isn’t going to stop me. Chaps, the fact that I can’t see your pointless tweets isn’t going to stop me asking why the hell you think you can masquerade as a genuinely impartial interest group of “writers and wordsmiths” when you also believe in burning books by particular authors. Perhaps I should also be asking your twitter followers whether they believe in burning books.

Don’t forget – I asked a legitimate question. You owe us an answer. I will keep asking.

Oh, and this ain’t stopping me writing either, in case you’re wondering. ED3 is virtually finished; all I need to do is work up a cover…

Update: 16th Oct 2011
The Wrong Agenda has taken some – at least – of the world’s criticism to heart. They’ve changed their front page. Wow. Such dynamism. I may faint.

Anyway, here’s what they say now: “The Write Agenda works hard to ensure that both sides of an issue are explained fairly and in an unbiased fashion.”

Everything but book-burning, anyway, obviously. Oi, idiots – how do you square book-burning with fair and unbiased explanations?

(Slight clue for the dense: you can’t.)

Still waiting for the “anon” mouses to squeak in public…


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