In The Bag!

Good news, for once! ED3, aka The Kiiren Boy, is now finished with a total of 52000ish words. That brings ED to a current total of 160000 words – validating the episodic approach. ED wouldn’t have got this far if I’d tried to write it as one big lump.

The next step, after adding in all the formatting and editorial tweaks, will be to play with the cover design – another variant on the theme is required and right now I’m damned if I can work one out. And while that happens, I’ll be shunting ED2 up onto Smashwords to join its older brother, nursing Project P into its Difficult Second Chapter, and trying to regain The Voice for MC2. Oh, and at some point, I’ll have to shut myself in a small room and edit MC1 properly. And Christmas is coming up too.

Busy busy….


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