Book burners quietly torch their own page…

The Write Agenda goes book-burning
Write agenda? Wrong agenda. Idiots.

The so-called Write Agenda, anonymous pyromaniacs, seem to have finally caught on to the fact that book-burning is not synonymous with unprejudiced reportage. Took the morons long enough. They’ve finally removed the page from their website.

Unfortunately, they failed to do so before people screen-printed the page. So here, to remind everybody that idiots are still idiots, no matter how they might try to disguise themselves (and remember – they never actually managed to explain why they were in favour of burning books to begin with!), is their page. Oh, diddums, did I embarrass you? Fer shame…


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

2 thoughts on “Book burners quietly torch their own page…”

    1. I’d certainly like to think so. 😀 All the criticism they’re getting is forcing them to pull their thick heads back in somewhat – their empty Twitter feed has also disappeared from the site, and their recent posts have all been protected. Like I say, all they can do now is preach to the perverted…. sorry, I meant converted, of course. I have wonderful thoughts of them sat in a darkened office, burning printouts of my comments and tweets…


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