Close to the edit

Good morning everybody!

You find me in a chipper mood this week: work has been fast and stressful and exhausting, but not depressingly so. Far from it, in fact. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed running a shop this much. It helps, of course, that the staff at the new gaff already have a brilliant work ethic. Makes up for the times I have to menace 8-year-old wannabe shoplifters and explain to people that we don’t, in fact, stock pirated versions of Paranormal Activity 3.

Meanwhile, my list of editing tasks is decreasing rapidly. ED2 is in the queue for distribution through Smashwords, which means that at some point in the next month it’ll be available through Kobo, B&N, and Itunes as well as Amazon (.com, .co, .de & .fr now!) and ye olde paperbacke. ED3 is also completed and edited, and the next step is setting up the cover – another variation on the regular theme, but this time using a cat’s eye in place of the exploding globe (Kiiren boy – get it?).

The next monloithic task after that however is making sense of MC1’s first draft and beating the errant Chapter 2 into shape. After that I’ll need to focus on MC2 again – while ED4 is already taking shape in a darkened corner of my mind…

A weekend away in the Forest of Dean (so where’s the Forest of Torvill?) helped clear the head a little. Allegedly the Forest was a great inspiration to Tolkien when he was writing LOTR (one Grauniad writer likens it, in parts, to Fangorn) so a return visit will be in order next year to see if a bit of “method writing” works.

If you’ve been following the posts or Twitter feed at all you’ll already know that I’ve been asking hard questions of a bunch of cowardly Writer Beware-haters (“why exactly do you, as writers, support book-burning?” was the main topic). And you’ll also know that The Write Agenda, as they style themselves, have conspicuously failed to answer that question. No great surprise, as they have also failed to answer every other question put to them over the last few weeks. Here’s the best of the bunch: it takes a while to read, and the issues are – deliberately so, from TWA(t)’s side – vague and handwavingly confused, but Audrey Davis’s savaging of TWA’s agenda and purpose has effectively shut them up completely (they haven’t responded at all in the last week). As Ms Davis says at the end:

The Write Agenda relies on fallacious arguments, out-of-context quotes, outright lies,  and personal attacks to carry out its agenda.  That agenda isn’t to help writers, it’s to defend scams.

Well, there ain’t any way to defend that now, is there? Can you smell something burning?


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