Cover elements

I’m not the most graphic design-minded person in the world. If you look at the basic similarity of the two Empire Dance covers so far, you’ll probably agree. A betting man would lay money on the third in the series being another slight variant on the same theme.

And he’d be right.

My Photoshop skills are limited, and I’m still figuring out what a lot of the stuff actually does. Here’s the basic cover element for ED3 (which, of course, will get flipped and used twice for the sake of convenience…lazy? Me? Nahh… economic, that’s all…).

Empire Dance 3 - The Kiiren Boy

So – too rough and ready? The Kiiren eye/cat’s eye stand out as much as the exploding planet?

Be interesting to see how a test copy comes out… And I’ll be very interested to hear what other people make of it as well.

More soon….



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