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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but eeh bah gum this is getting hilarious. The anony-mice over at the Write Wrong Agenda have decided that they want to be taken seriously – both as journalists and as contenders for Writer Beware’s position of a leading industry watchdog. The only problem is that, being scam artists, thieves, liars and cowards, they don’t actually have a clue how to go about it (or, allowing that I might be wrong and they do know what they’re doing, they’re either too lazy or too stupid to do it properly).

Writer Beware, you see, is a registered trademark of the SFWA. Technically, that means it should be written Writer Beware ®. The trademark is registered with the USPTO (Patent Office, for us on the other side of the pond). The Write Agenda, seeking some spurious legitimacy for their indignant and incoherent babblings, have clearly looked at this and thought “Good idea – lets do that!” So here’s their logo as it presently stands:

With added spurious legitimacy!

 Spot the added TM? Ooh – a trademark! But – not a registered trademark. No, never that. And why not? Well, one, they’d probably have to pay to register it at the USPTO. I don’t see these people paying for anything anytime soon (unless they can get one of their unfortunate clients to fork out for it). And, two, actually registering a trademark would force them out into the open. Y’know, without anonymity. Cowards don’t do open.

They’ve also “beefed up their security” – by adding a swish logo from the DMCA and a little animated GIF that purports to hail from Paranoid much? You want to know all about us – but you don’t want us to know who you are.

Oh, and the other side-splitting factoid on this motley crew – fancying themselves as journalists, they’ve started to up their output. Judge Orders Publisher to Explain Lack of Payments! Author Shares World Travels! Concerns About Kindle’s Lending Library! This Is a Genuine News Site! No Really It Is!

Ummm no it isn’t. You see, these aren’t articles – they’re links to articles. Someone has browsed Google, picked a few random book-related posts off the net, and posted links that masquerade as news pages. Real journalists don’t do that. Real journalists give a shit. The Write Agenda still waves this bucket of crap on its front page:

It’s not enough to write about what happens to authors, publishers and agents. The Write Agenda works hard to ensure that both sides of an issue are explained fairly and in an unbiased fashion. It’s important to discover who initiated a claim, why it was initiated and report what the disposition was. Merely stating the existence of grievance, leaving loose ends, and with obvious prejudice is not effective reporting. Authors, publishers and agents require transparency in order to make up their own minds . . . independently without prejudicial influence. Our goals are to 1) excavate the truth behind important issues and claims, and 2) to hold those responsible behind specific claims, and their leaders, accountable.

So how does merely posting links work as part of that flannel, eh? Is that effective reporting, excavating, explaining, or even working hard? No, I didn’t think so either.

I took the opportunity to post a comment on The Write Agenda’s site, though I doubt they’ll ever let it out of moderation. As has been noted before, they ain’t keen on two-way debates. Hence the sudden silence on Ripoff Report. So, here’s a copy of it.

Hello Ms Nunn,
I note you still have not – despite repeated requests – attempted to defend your pro-bookburning stance. Is this because it is indefensible? Neither have you replied to Audrey Davis’s logical, intelligent and reasoned takedown of your claims on Ripoff Report. I assume this is because your cover has been well and truly blown out of the water. On your front page you claim that “Merely stating the existence of grievance, leaving loose ends, and with obvious prejudice is not effective reporting.” Perhaps you would like to tie up those loose ends to prove yourself an effective and objective reporter? Or is the Write Agenda the Wrong Agenda?
Oh, that reminds me: to be a reporter, you really ought to do some reporting yourself, rather than just linking to random pieces of news from Google. And if you don’t want to be seen as some bilious hate-site, you really need to open your pages to comment and lose your anonymity. It’s difficult to trust somebody who refuses to tell you who they are. Especially when they want to go and burn books….


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