Works In Progress – December 2011

It’s that time again. The time of year when the Real World conspires to stop me from doing anything other than work/sleep/work/sleep/panic/work/sleep. At least this year the routine is helped by the fact that I’m no longer at Meadowhell. If there’s one place that sucks the creativity out of you, stamps it into the mud, and then scatters the remnants over Blackburn Meadows, it’s that hellhole and eyesore/blight on the face of mankind/living zombie experiment. (Note that I’m not neccessarily saying that Barnsley is, conversely, a bright and holy muse of imagination; far from it; but neither is it Meadowhall)

So, it’s time for Carol Vordeman is put the numbers up on the wall (yes, Dale, it can be Julia Bradbury if you want. Me, however, I’m thinking – quite unaccountably – of Emma Watson…).

Empire Dance 3 – The Kiiren Boy – finished, of course, and available in print. The digital versions are taking a little longer at the moment, as there’s some problem with the paragraphing.

Empire Dance 4 – The Packard Defence – We’re on around 500-1000 words so far, all from Ian Squire’s POV back on Regina. On the back-burner right now, as is…

Project P – aka No You Can’t Read It, Mum – Two chapters complete, but I definitely need to be in the right sort of mood to work on this stuff. It’s not easy, you know.

MC1 – Heir To The North – still awaiting edits. That isn’t going to happen until after Christmas now, with the limited time I currently have. Ideally though, I want this tied up and ready to send out by the end of next June.

MC2 – The High King’s Vengeance – roaring onwards (at a rate of around 200 words per day, so roaring in first gear really) into Chapter 8 and the second third of the book.

Too many projects at once? Probably, but I am a man of limited attention and varied interests. The next post from this site, by the way, will be on a little gig by The Magic Band…


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