Book Deal Announcement!

Morning, all!

Yes, it’s true! Following on from weeks of secret negotiations, I can finally reveal today that I have signed a 3-book deal with… Mills & Boon! Malessar’s Curse, originally intended to be an epic fantasy, has been completely retooled as a Tudor-period European Romance. Cassia, an orphaned milkmaid from Dorset, finds herself torn between two powerful alchemists and pagan magicians, and must sacrifice one to save the other!!! All this, set against the backdrop of anti-Catholic persecution!

My new editor, April, has this to say about the series: “You’d have to be a fool indeed not to see the potential and sheer vision of Steven’s writing. The original story was briliiant, but it still lacked that certain je ne sais quoi – now, with the judicious addition of 50000 words of bodice-ripping, breast-heaving gushiness, we have a trilogy that will stand alongside The Lord of the Rings, The Mallen Streak, and Joyce’s Ulysses as a powerful literary achievement.”

My work here is done – my next book will be Romance in a Record Shop, and I’m already drafting the follow-up – The Stock-Processor’s Tryst.





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3 thoughts on “Book Deal Announcement!”

  1. Wow, that’s brilliant! Can you give me Miss April’s number so I can find out if she’d be interested in a Mills and Boons special on the Foolish antics of a drunkard Air Group Captain, set somewhere around the time of the last days of butlers and serving wenches?


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