The April Update

Only a quick one, I’m afraid, as time presses and there is still much to do…

Aside from obvious 1st April jokes (which still fooled at least one person – Mr Papworth…), it’s all heads-down-no-nonsense-rock’n’roll at this end of the world. MC1 has been given the metaphorical short back & sides, ready to make the rounds; MC2 bubbles nicely away, with Cassia, Rais, and a motley assortment of old soldiers and shieldmen marching back to the North; and I have a brand new distraction in the lunacy that has been christened Big Finish Folly. More about that one in the next post.

Plus, it’s AltFiction this weekend. Busy busy busy… see y’all in the bar.


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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