AltFiction 2012

Late, I know, and most people will have covered it better than I will, but my thoughts…

For the last couple of years I’ve used AltFiction to dip my toe into the water – find out who people are, put names to faces, find out a little more about the genre and how it works. The panels and workshops were fun and inspired me to get MC1 finished (as did a chat with Graham McNeill, who was most vocal on the subject).

This year, I wanted to network. Get my face out there. As well as stuff a few copies of the synopsis for MC1 into people’s pockets (I failed on that score; chickened out completely. Not a gung-ho type of guy). I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, not least because I ran into two authors who were also massive fans of The Fall (Kate Laity actually writes stories based on Fall song titles…, while Mark Barrowcliffe/MD Lachlan can also quote huge chunks of Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics. Not often any SFF convention gets to hear Vatican Broadside on a Sunday afternoon…). But everybody else I talked to, without exception, was friendly, enthusiastic, and A Bloody Good Laff.

So what’s that got to do with writing? Not much. But I think I’m getting the hang of this. Conventions aren’t about the writing (well, most of the time, they’re not). They’re about the drinking. So all praise to Writing East Midlands, all of the staff and volunteers, and to Adele in particular, for making this year’s event a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable one. And I’ll see you all next year.

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