Finding my feet again

Okay, so MC1 has flown the coop. It’s a finished beast, making its own way in the world.

What next?

It’s difficult to get my head out of critic/edit mode and return to writing – it feels so long since I’ve actually looked at one of the ongoing projects that they must have been written by somebody else. It’s a very odd disconnection. Those 56000 words of MC2? I don’t remember doing that. The two chapters of Project P? Blimey. Not sure where to begin. And as for ED4 – don’t even go there.

Over the last week I’ve dipped back into MC2 again. Only 200-300 words at a time, but anything’s better than nothing. As I’ve said before, there’s a very particular sort of “voice” needed for the Curse stuff; some days it comes easy, other days it runs faster than a shoplifter with an armful of Skullcandy headphones (pointless excercise – they’re rubbish).

There’s a target as well: I’d like to be on 70000 words by June 19th. Yeah, random date, I know, but there you have it. Cheerleaders, begin your cheering…

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