Spam Poetry Strikes Back!

Oh dear. This really is appalling. Mind you, if some fool read it out at the forthcoming jubilee celebrations, or at the Olympics, they’d call him a genius and give him a judge’s slot on Britain’s Got (No) Talent.

It should be grow and powerful.
You’ll demand a plan that you may abide by day by day.
I pleaded her and shared with her it will in no way
repeat per se
but she had not spare tyre.
There has been thousands of fulfilled shoppers.
Speak to good friends and have fun within their corporation. Hence within this notion, test as much as possible
to look at issues easy back with her by
placing your self within the affliction as she.
A lot of people today pay for home-help guides,
get all pumped up about studying them, but under no circumstances
just go and actually do what are the article author claims. However, I need to instill some great news into you.

Indeed. I await the next installment with bated breath. Instill me! Instill me!



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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

2 thoughts on “Spam Poetry Strikes Back!”

    1. Yeah, though I altered the formatting a little to make it more “poetical”. I normally just get bog-standard SEO rubbish, but you can’t resist playing about with this stuff. Comedy gold.


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