Up the Words!

It’s been a tough couple of months for MC2, despite the welcome trip out to Leicester for AltFiction. The plot is struggling through that mid-book transition between locations – more specifically, between Hellea and the North. Meanwhile, Cassia herself is struggling with her new responsibilities and the knowledge that she’s going to lead people into certain death. Somehow these aren’t the easiest things to write. And, just to cap it all off, this chapter (11 of the projected 20 or so) also features a “romantic advance”.

Yeek. Why do I do these things to myself?

Oh yeah: because it’s all part of the story, of course.

My mind keeps driving on to the next location – there’s plenty to do & see back at Lyriss and I’d rather be writing that instead. But I’m determined to write MC2 in a linear fashion, rather than the hopping back & forth that made up MC1. So far the strategy is working – MC2 is on 66k, all nailed down in less than 10 months, if my calculations are correct, whereas MC1 took a good couple of years to make it that far. Unfortunately this does mean that other projects remain on the back-burner for now. Anyone waiting for part 4 of the Empire Dance will have to wait that little bit longer (and I apologise for that, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day).

MC1, meanwhile, is presently acting as Schrodinger’s Manuscript. By which I mean that MC1 was submitted to A Certain Publisher in mid April. Whether it is accepted or not, that’s certainly all the more reason to have MC2 racing towards completion, wouldn’t you agree?

Right. Back to it.


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