Why you shouldn’t believe a single word The Write Agenda says

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Write Agenda are asshats and funts who believe that book-burning is a good thing.  Cockhole creationists and hood-wearing KKK genetic throwbacks believe the same thing.  Why else would you illustrate a post headed “RIP Ray Bradbury…We Love You” with this picture?¹

Screenshot from the Write Agenda’s website 07/06/12. Badly Photoshopped bins.

Now, I’ve asked this question before, and I discovered that the Write Agenda, being asshats, funts and cockholes, are too cowardly to answer it or to defend their position in public. It’s easy to hide behind anonymity when you have nothing legitimate to say.

I believe that everybody deserves an opportunity to explain their stupidity and apologise for their actions, however. So here’s that chance. I’m laying down the gauntlet to the cowards that hide behind the Write Agenda’s banner. Come here and explain yourselves in the comments section of this blog. Yes, I have a comments section. Unlike you, who are too chicken-hearted to allow any kind of two-way, open and frank discussion on your own pages. Let’s have a free discussion about your defense of book-burning. And by free and open, I mean exactly that: come out from underneath your rocks, stand up, and be counted. Name yourselves. If you’re going to take a position, defend it in your own name.

I expect to be disappointed. The Write Agenda will not defend themselves. They exist only to hate. They have no interest in real, legitimate societal issues, or in the real concerns of the book industry, however much they might claim otherwise. They are carrion-feeders, spawned by shysters and scam merchants. If they sound like they’re hating on Writer Beware and AbsoluteWrite, the simple reason is because those two sites have alerted the online world to their moneysucking scams. The Write Agenda are cowards and liars, plain and simple.

¹For the uninitiated, Ray Bradbury wrote the modern classic Fahrenheit 451, in which reading is a crime, and the fire brigade exist only to burn books. I’m guessing this is the sort of society The Write Agenda would like to see. I could be wrong, but I’m operating under that assumption until they tell me otherwise.


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