Exclusive! The Write Agenda Unmasked!


Careful and stealthy investigation by my highly-trained team of imps and grumkins has finally revealed what lies beneath the unwashed and flea-infested paper bag that the Write Agenda shares between its deluded and socially-uncomfortable bunch of self-proclaimed ninjas! Long have we all wondered what that brown bag hides from public view – a three-foot proboscis, perhaps? Mismatched eyes and a brow that speaks eloquently of “keeping it in the family”?

No, folks, it’s worse than that.

Are you ready for this? Really? I have to tell you, it ain’t pleasant…

…and after! My gods, they’re freaks!!!

And no, the little blue cowards still haven’t explained their endorsement of book-burning. Clearly, it’s a stance that cannot be defended.


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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