Spam Poetry – the Third Can

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Spam Poetry. Our last two helpings of keywords-inna-can were virtual epics, stretching the form of the sonnet to the outer edges of sonic belief and giving free verse free rein as it spiralled up into a nethersphere of vocabularic progression. Or summat.

This latest submission, however, discards the wordy pretensions of its predecessors and goes for the jugular, each word a sharp tear in the fabric of the tale it seeks to tell. Form is nothing, tempo is all!

So with no further ado, here it is, direct from a WordPress “user” – Xkbdgrhy –  who had the general misfortune to be named after a particularly snot-addled cough.

Let adsl over isdn fools
harsh monarc buterfly fase
fifth kneading bupropion bells
decided diet syrup disappeared
replenished reglan withdrawal
agitation hand
crying it?

Oh man, that gets me just here, y’know?

EDIT [25/07/12]: This occasional series only gets funnier. Now I’ve got some spammy web-spider crawling over this post and linking back to it.

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Genius. Really.

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One thought on “Spam Poetry – the Third Can”

  1. “A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast & bulbous, got me?” So that’s where Beefheart got his lyrics – spam poetry!


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