One Jasmine Rae (IP address, has taken it upon herself to reply to my unmasking of The Write Agenda’s alleged “ninja” group (see here). Whoah, I hear you cry, has the Write Agenda finally decided to engage in a reasoned and coherent debate on its peculiarly schizophrenic approach to writers (it likes em, apparently) and bookburning (it also likes this, as the evidence makes clear)? Is it filled with chagrin and remorse for having taken Ray Bradbury’s name in vain? Is Jasmine Rae repenting of her team’s foul behaviour?

Um, no.

No one seems to give a crap about your drug induced opinions.

Riiiiiight. Heh. I’ve hit a sore spot here, folks. I said I would let a rational debate into my comments pages; I didn’t say anything about petulant abuse.

Jasmine, I doubt that is your real name, though I’m willing to believe that you live in Eastern Michigan. Clearly however, you are something to do with the Write Agenda since you’ve decided to attempt to paste abuse onto one of my blog posts regarding the identity of those hatemongers.

 If you meant to reply to my post asking for the Write/Wrong Agenda to justify and/or explain its stance on the morally reprehensible practice of bookburning, I’m afraid you picked the wrong post. If, on the other hand, you object to being likened to a Smurf, I can only say that in the absence of other, more concrete and verifiable evidence, you will remain small and blue, in a stupid hat.

 Nothing personal, you understand, but as you condone bookburning, therefore allying yourself to various shades of extremists and fundamentalists, I find I cannot take you seriously as a human being.


Now I’m off to have fun again. D’you know, it looks like the sun is coming out! Yay!


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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