Aren’t You Supposed To Be Writing a Book?

Ummm… yes.

And yes, I am still writing that book. Those books. These multifarious projects. Sometimes however, it’s a bit like herding cats. They never do what you want them to do, and one of the little buggers is always wedged into a corner somewhere, refusing to come out unless you promise to feed it the Tastiest, Most Damned Expensive Fish Munchies that money can possibly buy. Bloody things.

Or is that just me?

Anyway. The projects. Let’s start with the mysteriously-titled Project P: this one gestated late last year, and currently runs to two finished chapters, a vague synopsis, and the promise of much uncouth behaviour. Yet I can’t get the rest of the thing written. Dang.

ED4, meanwhile, has had a reasonable crack of the whip lately and all but the Ibsen storyline are underway. The reason for the title The Packard Defence will soon become clear. And Taylor’s due for a Close Encounter. Heheh.

What about MC2? That’s been receiving the bulk of my attention, but even that has been a hard old slog. We’re up to chapter 12 now, 72k in, and Cassia is well on her way back to the North. Just a few things she needs to pick up first. And then… a reunion. Not a happy one either. And a revelation – which will go down like a lead balloon.

And MC1? Ah, well, MC1 has gone away for a while. You never know, it might be back…


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