Death of a Bloody Stupid Thing

The desktop PC – either the fourth or fifth incarnation of The computer known to us on a daily basis as Bloody Stupid Thing – is presently doing the equivalent of twitching upon the floor, tongue flopping pallidly from the side of its mouth (thus I’m writing this on Nettie, which doesn’t deal with the WordPress interface very happily).

This is a bad thing, obviously. If you’re trying to send me emails, I may not receive them. Rachel’s Photoshop work is on enforced hiatus. More pertinently to this blog, my itunes library is inaccessible, which means I will very shortly run dry of material for Big Finish Folly.

Hopefully we’ll soon be back up & running, either with BST 5 or BST 6, but in the meantime Big Finish Folly may be much more erratically scheduled.



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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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