I can see the top of the mountain…

…but I’m not there yet. 94,000 words into MC2, I’m stuck in Chapter 16, with Attis the moneylender offloading two decades-worth of guilt and remorse onto Cassia, and the whole damned thing is dragging out more than the last act of Lord of the Rings. I keep telling myself I can take this bit or that bit out in the re-drafts, but thus far there’s too much I want to keep in. This really is the Meatloaf of revelation chapters at the moment. If it gets any longer, it’ll turn into a full-blown Noel Gallagher guitar widdle (sans pointless self-aggrandisement and Paul bloody Weller, of course).

What makes things worse is that this is a two-hit chapter – there’s another revelation hard on the heels of this first one. (well, it’s a revelation to Cassia, but not to the rest of us….) After that, it’s all go-go-go into the final march North. That is going to be the fun part…

If only I had the time/spare resources to go to FantasyCon this weekend. There’s nothing like a good Con to power me through the last stages of a project (it worked for MC1 and ED1 & 2). Maybe next year, eh?

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