Old fiction challenges

A couple of years ago I put in a few stories for the monthly 75-word challenges on SFF Chronicles. Here’s a couple of my favourites.

The Long Awaited Apotheosis of Arthur James Seymour III

The world fades. He climbs, exultant, and weaves another from nothing.
“Yes! I’ve done it! I’m immortal – a god! All life is mine to command!”
Incorporeal, he raises an entire civilisation to venerate him. And then destroys it. All in the space of a minute.
His fellow Ascended – a new pantheon – watch, unimpressed.
“Third one this week,” one says in passing.
“He’ll soon calm down,” another notes. “This ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Ecopoesis, or, sometimes the best defence is a damned good offence.

Hadley stares down. Wheezes. The air is thickening. The planet stares back: fungus-clad contours, resisting all terraforming attempts.
“Nukes. That’ll sort it.”
Murphy sits, exhausted. “Unlikely, sir. I’ve already tried irradiating the fungus samples.”
A more immediate problem: environmental systems intermittently cutting out. The call from ENVTech brings Hadley stumbling, light-headed and throat raw, to the filters. They’re clogged with fungus, spores hazing the air.
Hadley realises and laughs grimly. “We’re being terraformed.”

Moebius, or, how to avoid an Extinction Level Event for the (n=n+1)th time

…still time.
Here, grab these – ignore the skies. Come with me. Attach them to the terminals here – and then over there.
We’ll skip back: avoid it completely. Fifty years should do it; we’ll be dead when it happens again.
No, but it helps us. And then we can find a way…
Standby… Initiate!
Yes! – wait, we’re still here! We haven’t gone back far enough!
Don’t panic, I’ll solve this, there’s still time.
Here, grab these –

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