Do I Look Like Branded Tinned Meat? (don’t bother – it’s a rhetorical question…)

It’s good to be back. For some peculiar reason WordPress decided to categorise this blog as sp*m just as I published the last installment of the Folly. I reckon it must have had something to do with the way the posts are titled (each one following the exact same format, with only the number increasing every time). That means I’ll have to look at the way the Folly reviews appear.

It also made me think a little about my compulsion to number and order things. It really is getting out of hand right now: my Big Finish plays are already filed on the PC in chronological order rather than by release date, but they’re also arranged in groups of “seasons”, and the placement of new stories is a matter of such concern that I can quite easily lose an hour or two getting them in order. That was bad enough, but now – coming into possession of a very nice Kobo Mini – I’ve found myself doing exactly the same to the ebook versions of Doctor Who stories.

Converting. Retitling. Numbering. Shuffling. Adding. Renumbering. Further shuffling. From An Unearthy Child to (so far, at least) Logopolis, by way of such lost gems as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Last of the Gadarene, and The Well-Mannered War. That’s nearly 170 books, and I’m not even halfway there yet. When the heck am I going to have time to read them all? (Well, it would probably help if I wasn’t buggrin’ about numbering the damned things!)

It’s been said that everybody is a little bit OCD, and it’s also been said that the best HMV employees have undiagnosed OCD. All I know is that there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly headerboarded and alphabetised Horror section, with all Range Bestsellers present and correct.

And, anyway: OCD? It’s a misnomer. It should be Obsessive Compulsive disOrder.


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