Record Breaking

So, summer’s here and it’s time for more positivity! It’s especially good news this time around, from friend and colleague Stuart Sheard, who spent the last five years working for the less-than-grateful Nipper before we were both unceremoniously scrapped. Stu has a masterplan, and now it is coming to fruition…

Stu gets ready to break some records…

If you go here, (hosted by Alternative Barnsley) you’ll get the full interview, but the basic gen is that Stu is taking the bull by the horns and opening a new independent music shop in Barnsley – Debut Records – to fill the void that HMV has left. There’s a definite gap in the market, despite the fact that this is a brave move in these uncertain times, and I certainly wish him all the best. (Hence the plug, of course!)

You can follow Stu’s adventures in retail on Facebook and Twitter and, most importantly, when the shop opens at the end of this month you can go and say hi to the man himself and Support the High Street.


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