Commercial Break…

In a rather smart piece of sub-subliminal advertising, the members of Sheffield’s smartest, friendliest and most talented¹ SFF Writers’ Group² would like to make it known that an anthology of their work, entitled Set It In Space & Shovel Coal Into It, is now available for the discerning post-paper genre-literate reader through an online boutique of some repute³. (There’s even a link for our chums across the pond! Huzzah!)

This anthology, it must be remarked, does contain astounding tales of derring-do, dark heroism, colonial mishaps and whale-skin airships, all tinged with a particular and unique post-steampunk flavour, set as it is in a world of the Group’s own devising.

Watch! as Group Captain Sebastapol Valiant blithely changes the entire course of European history! Gasp! as the British win the race to the moon! Thrill! at the subtleties of Chinese poisons! Gasp again! as spywasps chase a beautiful Russian spy through the souks of Marrakesh! Boggle! at the mindbending futures posited herein!

Well, y’know, it’s up to you. But if I say that The Clockwork Eyeballª aside, there’s some really good stuff in here? and that BSFA-award winner Ian Salesº has very kindly given us a foreword? … G’wan. Have a gleg.


¹OK, so we get the title by default, but anyway, so what? It’s true!
²Yes, that includes little old me. This is an advert. Sorry 🙂
³There is also a link for the discerning pre-post-paper genre-literate reader, if that’s the way your digital cookie crumbles.
ªThat’s my rather super contribution, by the way. But you knew that already.
ºPlug-within-a-plug: Adrift on The Sea of Rains is monstrously good. The cover alone is worth the admission price, and the blurring of real and possible histories is seamlessly brilliant. You need it.


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