It’s Finished!

Well, the first draft is, anyway. 154141 words. Phew. Not looking forward to the edit, I have to say.

But – positivity! It’s done at last, and Malessar’s Curse has been wound up in the way that I originally envisaged.  See, it’s always a good thing when you know exactly how you want to finish the story. (Which helps to explain why my previous efforts all remain unfinished, and why the Empire Dance is in a holding pattern…)

There’s an immense feeling of satisfaction to be gained from writing the final sentence of a novel; even more so when it’s the close of a series. And at long last I feel I can actually look up at another project – though, which one to pick?!

Hmm. Decisions, decisions…


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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