Out & About in Deepest Sheffield (edited)

Rather late notice, I know, but there’s a rare opportunity to catch Yours Truly in the flesh, along with many other talents from the Sheffield SFF Writers’ Groop (to be known henceforth as The Groop) at a now-annual Writers’ Group Fair tomorrow.

Part of the city’s Off The Shelf Festival, the Fair sees writers’ groups of all manner of hues and ilks gathering at The United Reform Church to show what they’re all about. If you ever fancied writing, if you don’t know how to start (or in my case, how to finish), if you want someone to cast a critical eye over a story, or if you just want to hear what other people have written, this is a good place to go – Sheffield has lots of writers’ groups.

It has, however, just one SFF Writers’ Group. That’s us. In the slightly darker corner. Smiling.

[edited: why the hell I thought we were at Bank St Arts, I have no idea….]


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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