All the news that’s fit to print

It’s been a strange few weeks, though overwhelmingly positive in nature. New employer, new routines – and one of the biggest of those changes is that Christmas is no longer a bogeyman of stress and horror. From a distance, I can actually enjoy the time of year and, wonder of wonders, keep writing through it. If anything, Christmas week is going to be wonderfully quiet. I love it.

So, while I’m not indulging in NaNoWriMo quantities of wordcounts, I’ve certainly upped the pace somewhat. A whole arc of Johnny Silver stories is planned out, though I still have no idea how to market the adventures of a former South Yorkshire superhero in novella format; the first full adventure is completed, with the second already at 2.5k after only two days of writing; and a short introduction to the Forgemaster himself is out on submission with an upcoming and rather fun micropress. You wouldn’t have found me able to work like this in previous years.

Malessar’s Curse is still doing the rounds too – and though it didn’t find a home at A Certain Excellent Publisher, it certainly fought till the final bell, and I’ve received wonderful feedback from that Publisher. For a first novel-length submission, I’m calling that a definite win. (And I shouldn’t have to mention that Curse is already back out on query rounds – can’t stop the signal, friends).

Amazingly, the car even passed its MOT – held together by patches of rust as it is, I was expecting it to expire within sight of the garage.

Perhaps the only downside, craft-wise, is that ED4 has found itself pushed to the sidelines once more in favour of Johnny Silver, but while I’m enjoying myself, I’m not complaining.


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