On Hiatus

Not pictured: Michael Grade cutting the budget…

Good gosh, is it really a whole month since the last instalment of Big Finish Folly? I guess that means we’re officially On Hiatus, just like the Sixth Doctor found himself when the BBC (and the revisionist Michael Grade – “I did it for its own good, not because I hated SF & Colin Baker”¹ – yeah, right…) had a hissy fit in ’85. Oh the timing…

Never fear, however. Just because I’m spreading myself far too thin between different projects doesn’t mean that BFF won’t get started up again. I’ll be back before you know it.

No caption required…

Meanwhile, to keep you company, here’s a random picture of a troll. This one thinks it’s Nick Drake. Strange thing.

¹Note to lawyers: that’s not a direct quote; that’s a summing-up of a paragraph at this page.

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