Fox Spirit Books, a rather cool indie press who run a natty line in pocket-sized anthologies (along with other cool goodies) will be publishing my short shaggy dog tale That Sinking Feeling in the upcoming Fox Pockets collection Under The Waves.

That Sinking Feeling, in which two hopeless thieves are bitterly disappointed with their latest haul, joins tales by my excellent fellow Inkbots KC Shaw, Emma Maree, and JB Rockwell.

In case that isn’t enough to tempt you, bear in mind that the first three Fox Pockets (Piracy, Guardians, and Shapeshifters) carried tales by Alasdair Stuart, Kate Laity, Den Patrick, and KC Shaw, amongst many others – and all are available as ebooks for under £2.50. Fox Spirit are presently doing a damned good job of getting tales from fresh new writers – join The Skulk, and make sure you’re at the front of the pack!


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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