Big Finish Folly – On the Move!

It’s been quiet for a while, but just in case you were worried about the state of my magnificently quixotic crusade to listen – in as chronological order as possible – to the recorded audio output of the 5th-8th Doctors from Big Finish, fret not and worry no more!

For, y’see, this brief hiatus has given me the opportunity to port all the existing reviews over to a dedicated blog, leaving this one free for non-Who related stuff. Though if you’d like to keep following the musings, ramblings and occasional punkish snerts of this here writer of Epic Fantasies and Tall Tales, I’d be most humbly grateful.

Meanwhile, going forward, all new Big Finish Folly content (as well as all previous reviews) can now be found at – surprisingly enough – I look forward to seeing you there!




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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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