FantasyCon 2014

So it turns out I actually have an official schedule, of sorts, for this year’s Fantasycon in York this weekend. I may not be promoting books – yet – or on the panels themselves (a scary concept) but I’ll be providing entertainment nonetheless.

On Friday evening, at around 5.30, Alex Bardy (@mangozoid on Twitter, BSFA staffer and all-round good bloke) and myself will be one of the teams competing in Paul Cornell‘s F-Con edition of Pointless. For the uninitiated, the name of the game is to find the least popular and most obscure correct answers to questions. As someone who knows nothing about most things and most things about nothing, I’m looking forward to this with a good mix of panic and glee.

Other than that, I’m told I am contractually obliged to partake in the karaoke later on Friday evening, having suggested a genre-related song to the organisers. I’m sure you’ll join the audience in the room in thanking all the available gods that I didn’t suggest The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

After my grimdark Bonnie Tyler impression, you will likely find me desperately apologising to all and sundry for the remainder of the weekend.

See you on Friday, folks!


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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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