Meet Johnny Silver!

FS9 Evil Genius Guide ebook 72ppi
The Evil Genius Guide, art by Sarah Anne Langton

Or, you will do later next year, when Fox Spirit Books release their ninth Fox Pocket Anthology, The Evil Genius Guide, guest edited by Darren Pulsford, and you read the tale Full Compliance contained therein.

Johnny who? you’re asking right now. 

Johnny Silver. Silverdale’s last, best hope for peace. Lantern-jawed hero with muscles of steel and nerves of steel, in a city of steel. The only man who stands between Silverdale and chaos. Holding back the night with his bare hands and an unlicensed Particle Defibrilation Cage…

I like Johnny Silver. In fact, Full Compliance will only be the beginning. Johnny Silver will return for a series of 15k-ish adventures after The Evil Genius Guide is published, battling such enemies as The Sweet Pike Monster, DJ Enzyme, and the nefarious knitter MetaStitch. I give you fair warning… 🙂


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