Feeling Social

This month has been a blast: we started the ball rolling on the SFSF Social, and I put my bum in the chair, donned the Writing Mittens, and started carving Project:TFL into shape.

Oh, and there’s cover art for Heir to the North coming soon too! I’ve seen it; it looks superb.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Social as we were, which was inspired by both the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club and the York Pubmeets, there’s a new interview with Joanne Hall over on Jan Edwards’ blog. Jo organises both BristolCon and the BristolCon Fringe nights (which I’d recommend going to as their guests are also top drawer), and does all this while also being a top class author.

The interview is here. Go read it, then go buy both volumes of The Art of Forgetting! And pre-order Spark and Carousel while you’re at it.

(Warning: interview also contains unexpected me.) 🙂

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Epic Fantasist & SFSF Socialist.

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