Chopper On Tour 2015: Sledge-Lit Schedule

What are you doing on Saturday 21st November? And why aren’t you doing it at Quad, in Derby, in the company of the good folks at Sledge-Lit? Well, if you are there, you stand a very good chance of being able to buy a paperback copy of Heir To The North from one of the tables in the Dealers’ Room. I’ll quite happily sign it for you too, assuming you like your frontispieces besmirched with angular scribbles.

You’ll also be able to see yours truly at the following panel items during the day:

10:30-11:20: Break it Down – The Value of Subgenre in SF and Fantasy Sponsored by Verse Publishing Susan Boulton, Rod Duncan, Julia Knight, Steven Poore (Chair), Gavin Smith

1:30-2:20: Spreading Your Wings – Is Fantasy Broadening as a Genre? Stephen Aryan, Charlie Fletcher, Julia Knight, Steven Poore, Natasha Pulley

A couple of immediate thoughts: these panels kinda walk hand in hand together, looking at two sides of the same coin. The first one I see more as a technical writer’s question (for example: is it healthy for an author to gain a reputation as working within a subgenre? Can that be a trap?); the second is probably one of vision and inclusion for both readers and writers, especially relevant given the recent shenanigans at conventions over in the US. There’s some very interesting folk on both panels.

Oh, and yes, I’m moderating that first panel. There’s nowt quite like the deep end, is there?


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