Book burners quietly torch their own page…

The Write Agenda goes book-burning
Write agenda? Wrong agenda. Idiots.

The so-called Write Agenda, anonymous pyromaniacs, seem to have finally caught on to the fact that book-burning is not synonymous with unprejudiced reportage. Took the morons long enough. They’ve finally removed the page from their website.

Unfortunately, they failed to do so before people screen-printed the page. So here, to remind everybody that idiots are still idiots, no matter how they might try to disguise themselves (and remember – they never actually managed to explain why they were in favour of burning books to begin with!), is their page. Oh, diddums, did I embarrass you? Fer shame…

Repeating the question, again…

The Wrong Agenda continues to ignore me. No surprises there. As one of my correspondents on Twitter has noted, they can never actually directly answer a question; all they will ever be able to do is lie.

Yet on their website, in their latest posting, the Wrong Agenda still claim that “transparency is all that we have asked for”. This, from a bunch of anonymous nutcakes.

They also comment that “[writer Janrae Frank] has also posted on Twitter that: ‘The Write Agenda has gone after me.’ We fail to see how this amiable debate has escalated to that level.” Really? Really, chaps? You, the muppets who put up a picture of a row of garbage bins poorly photoshopped with Writer Beware-associated names poorly Photoshopped onto them, fail to see why a writer would believe that an anonymous hate site has “gone after them”? Fuck me, you’re thick as two short planks, the lot of you.

I commented on that posting, although I doubt that comment will ever see the light of day. Here’s what I wrote: “Can we also have an “aimiable debate” (your words, not mine) on the use, history, politics and efficacy of burning books? For starters, how does a group of unbiased wordsmiths come out in favour of book-burning? I’ll be interested to read your replies, whatever your name is.”

No, they still haven’t explained why they are in favour of burning books.


Failure to communicate

Hehehe. The so-called Write Agenda have come sniffing around my door, I think. My blog isn’t all that well-traveled, you know – heck, this is only my 15th post – so I get to see the whole range of search terms that folks are using to get here (somebody once got here by searching for Ian Sales: good chap, and here’s one of his blogs to get readers started). Now, the Wrong Agenda’s favoured tactic is to list their “boycotted authors” along with the range of their Amazon sales. I know, pointless, but they have to do something, don’t they? They can hardly form a line outside every bookstore in the world and whimper “Don”t buy these books!” Hell, they can hardly form a line. They can’t even use Photoshop straight.

Back to the point at hand: one of the search terms being used right now is “steve poore sales”. Somebody wants to know my sales figures. Presumably from Amazon. I’m guessing the creeps behind Wrong Agenda are researching their critics again. Well, here’s the thing. I’m not “traditionally published” (yet). Mostly because I haven’t submitted anything to agents or publishing houses. The Empire Dance is available through a number of online retailers though. Not just Amazon. B&N, itunes, Kobo, etc etc… Amazon isn’t the be-all and end-all of publishing stats, you know, chaps at Wrong Agenda/TurnAround/ABP/etc. You must know this more than most, seeing as you trade under so many different names.

So, no, you can’t have my sales figures. You can post up the ranges of my Amazon sales if you wish, but that hardly tells the story. You really don’t have a clue on this score, do you?

Because I’ll restate – I’m not traditionally published. In fact, I’m probably your own core target market – an aspiring writer with something to sell. The key difference is that I read Writer Beware and the threads at AbsoluteWrite: I know that the fringes of publishing are filled with dead-eyed scammers like yourselves. You’re being attacked by both traditional and non-traditional authors here – do you want to give up now?

While we’re at it, you still haven’t managed to defend your stance on book-burning. Any comments?

Heh. Thought not, you cowards.