ED6: Damaged Intelligence – COVER REVEAL!

Cover reveal time! The sixth installment of the Empire Dance series is sat on the launch pads, nose pointed at the stars, ready to go – and yes, there will be pre-order links soon!

But first…


That’s CAS Special Agent Kit Nagoya there, diving through clouds of shattered glass as ne pursues nir target, the fugitive Captain Kelly. A lovely, punchy cover, wrangled by An Amazing Egg. Just like the other books in the series, Damaged Intelligence will be available immediately on launch through Kindle Unlimited.

When? Oh, I was thinking perhaps the beginning of May…


British Fantasy Awards Shortlists

So, the BFA shortlists were announced this morning. I’m seriously impressed by the range and quality of genre fiction that these awards celebrate. From Gollancz and Orbit, through Angry Robot and Solaris, to Tenebris, Fox Spirit, Alchemy and Undertow; from Jen Williams, Nnedi Okorafor, and Zen Cho to Paul Kane, Paul Cornell and Vincent Chong – these are all good people and great works. You should check those shortlists and base the rest of this year’s reading off them. Really. Especially African Monsters, Guns of the Dawn, The Iron Ghost, The Death House, and The Stars Seem So Far Away.

And then there’s the Best Newcomer category. Marc Turner, Peter Newman, Zen Cho, Becky Chambers, and me.

Eek. This may mean I’ll have to do the Banquet at Fantasycon. You have been warned.

More seriously, whichever of those four gets the win, I’ll be first on my feet applauding.

And more seriously still, much as any writer worth their salt dreams of awards and affirmation, I wasn’t expecting this. So I reckon a massive credit needs to go to Sammy Smith and Joanne Hall, who have made Heir To The North into a book that people think is good enough to stand on a shortlist alongside The Vagrant, When The Heavens Fall, Sorcerer To The Crown and The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet.

The North Will Rise Again?

I’ll drink to that. 🙂

Announcement of imminent Announcement!

I have news!

The news is that there will be fresh news next weekend!

Yes, I am announcing the announcement of an announcement. It may have something to do with a book cover.

What book cover, you may ask. Perhaps it is this one?

The Sinner's Daughter, by Gillian O'Rourke - available late 2015!
The Sinner’s Daughter, by Gillian O’Rourke – available late 2015!

No, it is not that one. Bloody good cover though. Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

Perhaps it is this one?

Green Sky & Sparks, by Kate Coe - available later this year!
Green Sky & Sparks, by Kate Coe – available later this year!

No, it is not that one either. Again, however, that’s a stunning piece of work. Makes me want to read it. How ’bout you?

What about this one?

ooooh - shiny!
ooooh – shiny!

Oooooh, shiny! Stop trying to distract me. No, these are not the covers you are after. Here – I’ll give you a clue….

Teaser sketch!
Teaser sketch

Oooooh – shiny!

That’s my line. Stop it. Want more? Want to see the whole shebang? Keep your eyes on Kristell Ink’s website for the full reveal!

Heir to the North update….

Just a quickie this time. HTTN is still taking final published shape – with rather lovely cover art that will be revealed soon! – but now you can add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads, and that is a very good thing indeed!

Click this way folks, for there is a blurb to be read…

Heir To The North signed for publication!

Yes, that. Exactly what it says. Heir To The North is signed for publication in late 2015. That sound you can hear is the sound of me cha-cha-cha-ing across the kitchen in my inimitable snake-hipped style.

Oh, you want details…? Continue reading Heir To The North signed for publication!

Meet Johnny Silver!

FS9 Evil Genius Guide ebook 72ppi
The Evil Genius Guide, art by Sarah Anne Langton

Or, you will do later next year, when Fox Spirit Books release their ninth Fox Pocket Anthology, The Evil Genius Guide, guest edited by Darren Pulsford, and you read the tale Full Compliance contained therein.

Johnny who? you’re asking right now. 

Johnny Silver. Silverdale’s last, best hope for peace. Lantern-jawed hero with muscles of steel and nerves of steel, in a city of steel. The only man who stands between Silverdale and chaos. Holding back the night with his bare hands and an unlicensed Particle Defibrilation Cage…

I like Johnny Silver. In fact, Full Compliance will only be the beginning. Johnny Silver will return for a series of 15k-ish adventures after The Evil Genius Guide is published, battling such enemies as The Sweet Pike Monster, DJ Enzyme, and the nefarious knitter MetaStitch. I give you fair warning… 🙂

Foxy Fiction!

Now can it be told…

FPV5 Under The Waves ebook 72ppiNext year will see yours truly contributing to not one, but three (at least) Fox Pocket anthologies from Fox Spirit Books. You may already know about Under The Waves (which will include That Sinking Feeling alongside work by Emma Maree, Fran Terminiello and Kate Shaw) – but here’s the details about the other two.

FS6 Thing In The Dark ebook 72ppiThe sixth Fox Pocket will be Things In The Dark. Hidden amidst the shiny talents of Andrew Reid, Danie Ware, Kate Laity, Den Patrick, and Sarah Cawkwell, you will find Junior Twilight Stock Replacer – an urban fable that takes in magic, time paradoxes, and rolls of palletwrap.

FS8 Piecing The Vale ebook 72ppiThe eighth Fox Pocket will be Piercing The Vale. Ghosts, goblins, and things that go AARGH in the night. And a rocket too, apparently. But! Along with the mighty Alasdair Stuart, Jen Williams, Colin Sinclair, and fellow S²F² writer Jo Johnson-Smith, there will you find the frankly awesome (if I do say so myself) Take Me With You.

Don’t forget that the first three Fox Pockets are already available as cunningly-priced ebooks through all your usual outlets (though I can recommend Spacewitch as being particularly worth your time). (All cover art by Sarah Anne Langton for Fox Spirit Books, and rather fine it is too.)

Meanwhile, I’m off to try to polish up the third Johnny Silver tale (or is it the fourth? Well, that kind of depends…) and pack my bags for FantasyCon in York. More news soon, possibly…!