New Story at The Singularity!

As a sort of early Christmas present, you can read the brand new shaggy-SF story The Day Brockwell Park Stood Still ABSOLUTELY FREE over at The Singularity. Don’t say we never give you nothin’, huh?

The SingularityThe Singularity, for those unfamiliar with the magazine, is a SF and fantasy fiction magazine, based in London, England, that publishes short stories that are singular in voice and style. You can buy back issues in print and e-formats over on Amazon, and I recommend you do so. 🙂 Click the pic to get there!

The Day Brockwell Park Stood Still, meanwhile, spans the galaxy in under 1000 words, with a cheeky nod or two in the general direction of Iain M Banks and Peter F Hamilton. Do enjoy, and have a Merry Berry and a Happy Flappy!



Still free… but for how long?

If you haven’t taken advantage of the generous “free period” for the first three episodes of The Empire Dance, don’t despair – though most retailers have now gone back up to full price, Barnes & Noble are still showing digital copies of Echoes of War, Midwinter Fury and The Kiiren Boy as $0.00 each.

That’s a bargain in anybody’s books, I reckon. But I can’t tell you for certain how long they’ll be on sale for no money at all. So if you want to catch up with the Dance, you’d better get jiggy…

ED4 – The Packard Defence – Out Now!

Sorry, I just couldn’t wait…

The Packard Defence is indeed OUT NOW in all digital formats at Smashwords, for the absolute bargain price of just $0.99 (roughly 59p in proper money). What’s more, the first three “episodes” – Echoes of War, Midwinter Fury, & The Kiiren Boy – are all COMPLETELY FREE for the next seven days [until May 11th 2014, for the removal of doubt].

That’s upwards of 200000 words for the sum total of $0.99, or the price of a Double Decker. Click the picture below to get where you know you need to go…

The Packard Defence
ED4: The Packard Defence

Free Empire Dance!

Yes folks, you read that right. From now until the end of March 2012, Empire Dance 1: Echoes of War is FREE on Smashwords. FREE. Nothing to pay. Zip. Zilch. Nada. PDF? Free. Kindle format? Free. HTML? Free. Sony? Itunes? Kobo? Gratis. All you have to do is click to buy, and enter the coupon code CZ35F at the checkout.

You know how when you buy an HBO DVD at the shops you get a free sampler of the first episode of another series? That’s what this is – except you don’t have to buy the DVD first. Instead you can read the start of the end for the Empire of  The 300 Worlds, get involved with the crew of the Drift Ghost, get into firefights with Mark Ibsen, and hunt conspiracies with Chris Taylor….all for nowt.

After that, of course, it ain’t free. But I’m hoping that by then you’ll want to keep reading. And the more you read, the more I’ll write…

See you in k-space, folks…