The Empire Dance

The Empire Dance is a continuing series of short novels (each clocking in at around 50k words) set in the far-future Empire of the Three Hundred Worlds.

The Empire is at war – with the neighbouring Irians, with the secessionists of the Caerus Sector, and with itself. The series follows investigator Mark Ibsen, Imperial spy Chris Taylor, and the crew of the Drift Ghost as their lives are caught up in the conflicts that threaten to tear the Empire apart.

Oh, and did I mention the Limited Intelligences? Or the Kiiren? No? Never mind, I’ll let you find out about them for yourselves…

The first “arc” of the series – the first five books – is currently underway, with the first four volumes already available on Kindle and (mostly) in paperback format. Hover over the ED menu item above for links to all four “episodes”. Plus, they’re now all available through Smashwords, which means you can get em from B&N, Sony, Kobo and itunes. First we take over the internet…

ED4, The Packard Defence, came out at the start of May 2014 – new artwork, new plot twists, and plenty of action to prime the pump for the battles yet to come.

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