1: Echoes of War



Since the end of the great Irian Wars, sixty years ago, the Empire has been at peace. Adrian XII, now in his eighth incarnation, has turned his attention to the rebellious Caerus Sector, where High Admiral Monk now wages a ruthless pacification campaign. But sinister forces threaten to topple the throne. A hidden conspiracy seeks to create a new power in the very midst of Imperial space, and Monk has ambitions beyond being his Emperor’s sledgehammer. And, in long-abandoned star systems ravaged by old wars, the dead hulks of forgotten warships are moving once more…

The Empire Dance is a continuing series of short novels (each clocking in at around 50k words) set in the far-future Empire of the Three Hundred Worlds.

The Empire is at war – with the neighbouring Irians, with the secessionists of the Caerus Sector, and with itself. The series follows investigator Mark Ibsen, Imperial spy Chris Taylor, and the crew of the Drift Ghost as their lives are caught up in the conflicts that threaten to tear the Empire apart.

If you like, you can view this first book as the pilot episode, setting up the board, but not yet showing you all of the pieces… Available at:

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