3: The Kiiren Boy

“We shall hang his bones above our nest and listen to them chime!”


Regina has fallen. Now only Patrick Hyde and the Drift Ghost stand between the Irian invaders and full control of the sector. First Fleet’s remaining forces at Loxley must be warned before it is too late.

Meanwhile Mark Ibsen flees for his life, his human cargo the only evidence of the links between Second Fleet and the new war. Finding a safe haven in the chaos of the wounded Empire will be difficult enough – but somebody else on Ravenna wants Susan Theunis dead.

And on Capitol, High Admiral Monk has returned to confront the Emperor. CAS agent Chris Taylor can unmask the conspiracy, but not if the inhuman Kiiren catch up with him first. . . 

And the dance gets deadlier. . .

The third episode of the Empire Dance brings fresh trouble for both Ibsen and Taylor, as well as complicating the pressures faced by the Limited Intelligences Pompey-LITE and Hephaestus. You can find it at the following links –

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