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GM-ebookIt hasn’t been all that easy to find Teresa Edgerton’s books in print of late, which is a massive shame. I’m certain I borrowed at least one from Sheffield Library during the late 1990s and got thoroughly lost in the detailed world she had created, but these days my mind resembles Swiss cheese in its inability to hold details from so long ago.

So it’s a damned good thing that Tickety Boo Press, the brainchild of one Gary Compton, has recently reissued Teresa’s Goblin Moon. A dashing Regency-style fantasy of manners, complete with “gentlemen trolls”, no less, it has long deserved a UK release, and all power to Gary for putting it back into the full glare of the sun.

And like the buses on Ecclesall Road, two come along at once: HarperCollins have decided that the time is right to reissue another of Teresa’s backlist titles – The Queen’s Necklace, which originally came out way back in 2001.

I think they were right [to reprint], because it’s the kind of swashbuckling adventure that is popular right now. Naturally, I am thrilled, and so I am going to tell you all about it.

It’s a stand-alone (which is not to say that I’ve never thought about writing sequels) in a setting similar to 18th century Europe. It is not the same world as Goblin Moon and Hobgoblin Night, but writing it I found myself being inspired by that same era. They called it the Age of Reason, but a little research reveals that it was also an Age of Unreason. So while you shouldn’t expect to meet the dashing Francis Skelbrooke in this novel, there is, instead, the equally dashing Will Blackheart. And an opportunity to meet the original Goblin Princess.

The Queen's NecklaceWhile there’s no sign of either a UK print edition or an e-book yet, the reprint is available from The Book Depository with free shipping, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer. And since Kate Elliott calls it “Wonderful, lush, and enchanting”, why haven’t you gone and ordered it yet?

Heir To The North signed for publication!

Yes, that. Exactly what it says. Heir To The North is signed for publication in late 2015. That sound you can hear is the sound of me cha-cha-cha-ing across the kitchen in my inimitable snake-hipped style.

Oh, you want details…? Read the rest of this entry

Adventures in FantasyCon 2014

It’s been a bit of a weekend.

This is the first time I’ve been to FantasyCon, the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society, held this year in the historic walled city of York. Usually I’ve stuck to the one-day events like EdgeLit and AltFiction, but this year I decided to jump in with both feet.

An epic (could it be described any other way?) concoction of panels, vodka, author readings, book launches and sales, strange and wonderful games, intense networking and vodka, it has certainly lived up to expectations. Even just thinking about writing it up has given me a headache. Though that might actually just be the vodka. Yes, it’s probably the vodka. Read the rest of this entry

Meet Johnny Silver!

FS9 Evil Genius Guide ebook 72ppi

The Evil Genius Guide, art by Sarah Anne Langton

Or, you will do later next year, when Fox Spirit Books release their ninth Fox Pocket Anthology, The Evil Genius Guide, guest edited by Darren Pulsford, and you read the tale Full Compliance contained therein.

Johnny who? you’re asking right now. 

Johnny Silver. Silverdale’s last, best hope for peace. Lantern-jawed hero with muscles of steel and nerves of steel, in a city of steel. The only man who stands between Silverdale and chaos. Holding back the night with his bare hands and an unlicensed Particle Defibrilation Cage…

I like Johnny Silver. In fact, Full Compliance will only be the beginning. Johnny Silver will return for a series of 15k-ish adventures after The Evil Genius Guide is published, battling such enemies as The Sweet Pike Monster, DJ Enzyme, and the nefarious knitter MetaStitch. I give you fair warning… :)

FantasyCon 2014

So it turns out I actually have an official schedule, of sorts, for this year’s Fantasycon in York this weekend. I may not be promoting books – yet – or on the panels themselves (a scary concept) but I’ll be providing entertainment nonetheless.

On Friday evening, at around 5.30, Alex Bardy (@mangozoid on Twitter, BSFA staffer and all-round good bloke) and myself will be one of the teams competing in Paul Cornell‘s F-Con edition of Pointless. For the uninitiated, the name of the game is to find the least popular and most obscure correct answers to questions. As someone who knows nothing about most things and most things about nothing, I’m looking forward to this with a good mix of panic and glee.

Other than that, I’m told I am contractually obliged to partake in the karaoke later on Friday evening, having suggested a genre-related song to the organisers. I’m sure you’ll join the audience in the room in thanking all the available gods that I didn’t suggest The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

After my grimdark Bonnie Tyler impression, you will likely find me desperately apologising to all and sundry for the remainder of the weekend.

See you on Friday, folks!


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