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FPV5 Under The Waves ebook 72ppiNext year will see yours truly contributing to not one, but three (at least) Fox Pocket anthologies from Fox Spirit Books. You may already know about Under The Waves (which will include That Sinking Feeling alongside work by Emma Maree, Fran Terminiello and Kate Shaw) – but here’s the details about the other two.

FS6 Thing In The Dark ebook 72ppiThe sixth Fox Pocket will be Things In The Dark. Hidden amidst the shiny talents of Andrew Reid, Danie Ware, Kate Laity, Den Patrick, and Sarah Cawkwell, you will find Junior Twilight Stock Replacer – an urban fable that takes in magic, time paradoxes, and rolls of palletwrap.

FS8 Piecing The Vale ebook 72ppiThe eighth Fox Pocket will be Piercing The Vale. Ghosts, goblins, and things that go AARGH in the night. And a rocket too, apparently. But! Along with the mighty Alasdair Stuart, Jen Williams, Colin Sinclair, and fellow S²F² writer Jo Johnson-Smith, there will you find the frankly awesome (if I do say so myself) Take Me With You.

Don’t forget that the first three Fox Pockets are already available as cunningly-priced ebooks through all your usual outlets (though I can recommend Spacewitch as being particularly worth your time). (All cover art by Sarah Anne Langton for Fox Spirit Books, and rather fine it is too.)

Meanwhile, I’m off to try to polish up the third Johnny Silver tale (or is it the fourth? Well, that kind of depends…) and pack my bags for FantasyCon in York. More news soon, possibly…!

Empire Dance on offer – July only!

If you still haven’t dipped into The Empire Dance (and why not?) then your chance has just come around again – the first two “episodes” are on offer at Smashwords for the duration of this month only.

Simply follow this link to the series, add the first two books to your basket in the format of your choice, and enter the code SW100 at the checkout. You won’t have to pay a penny.

Yes, that’s right, for this month only, both Echoes of War and Midwinter Fury are absolutely FREE at Smashwords with that code.


You’re still here?

Still free… but for how long?

If you haven’t taken advantage of the generous “free period” for the first three episodes of The Empire Dance, don’t despair – though most retailers have now gone back up to full price, Barnes & Noble are still showing digital copies of Echoes of War, Midwinter Fury and The Kiiren Boy as $0.00 each.

That’s a bargain in anybody’s books, I reckon. But I can’t tell you for certain how long they’ll be on sale for no money at all. So if you want to catch up with the Dance, you’d better get jiggy…

ED4 – The Packard Defence – Out Now!

Sorry, I just couldn’t wait…

The Packard Defence is indeed OUT NOW in all digital formats at Smashwords, for the absolute bargain price of just $0.99 (roughly 59p in proper money). What’s more, the first three “episodes” – Echoes of War, Midwinter Fury, & The Kiiren Boy – are all COMPLETELY FREE for the next seven days [until May 11th 2014, for the removal of doubt].

That’s upwards of 200000 words for the sum total of $0.99, or the price of a Double Decker. Click the picture below to get where you know you need to go…

The Packard Defence

ED4: The Packard Defence

Make a Date!

The Packard Defence

ED4: The Packard Defence

So, you like The Empire Dance. You’ve read the first three episodes. You’re eager to read the fourth. Fear not, gentle reader, your hunger is easily assuaged.

The Packard Defence is now available for pre-order at Smashwords – click this linky thing to get there and do that very thing! – and on May 4th, it will be yours….

(And for those of you who haven’t read the first three episodes, from May 4th – May 11th only, ALL THREE will be available at Smashwords for the bargain price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So pre-order #4 now, and get 1-3 for nowt! Don’t go saying I never give you nothing!)


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